Technology Companies

BNA understands the power of technology because we use the latest accounting and tax technology in our firm to help streamline our practice and service offerings. We take this mentality and approach when working with our technology companies to help them succeed.

How We Help

Start-up consultation

Starting a new law firm, medical practice, dentist office, or digital agency? We’ve been there before! We can help guide you on how best to set up your accounting.


We handle all of the yearly/quarterly compliance, including income tax returns, property tax returns, 1099s, and payroll. This allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business.


Want us to reconcile your books? No problem. We can take all the heavy bookkeeping duties off of you and send you quarterly or monthly reports. You will also have access to real time financial data whenever you’d like via our cloud accounting systems.


Want someone to help you setup and/or run your payroll? We do that! Let us take the hassle off of preparing and running your own payroll.

Tax/Financial Planning

Our job is to minimize your tax by offering you financial and tax guidance throughout the year. We also guide you throughout the life of your agency and recommend when it’s the right time to change to tax entities, set up 401k/Simple Plans, etc.


Looking to bring on staff? Need help with your technology rack? Bringing on a new partner to your practice but not sure how much they should pay for their share? We’re by your side and help you make the tough decisions in your business.

We help the largest software company in SC, Span Enterprises, streamline their accounting and tax processes.

Let's Work Together